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Quality Storage in Chilliwack

Access Mini Storage is the perfect solution for personal and business storage needs. With storage solutions for any situation, we guarantee the right service fit for your precise needs. Our facilities come with top of the line security cameras, onsite managers, direct access, elevators, and temperature control. Storage in Chilliwack just got a whole lot better.

Personal Storage Solutions

Often times you will find a need for more space that your home cannot provide. Maybe you are renovating, moving, or travelling and need a facility that will protect your property. While many storage units provide a cheap space for your things, they are exposed to insecure spaces, extreme temperatures, and even water damage. Access Mini Storage is the perfect solution for anyone who just needs to extend the reach of their resources just enough when the need arises. Customers feel secure using our storage units more than any other storage service.

Business Storage Solutions

Do you need more space to store your products, equipment, and machinery but feel uncomfortable with a warehouse? Many small businesses or small local branches of large corporations are looking for storage solutions without the cost of large storage warehouses. Access Mini Storage is perfect for the expanding business looking for more space while they renovate or move to a new location.


Every storage unit is equipped with its own alarm and is monitored by a security camera 24/7. For more information on Mini Access Storage solutions, call us today!